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Perjury in NSW Courts

Crossed fingers of a liar

Perjury is, put simply, lying in court, and is a very serious offence in NSW. It can be either verbal or written and comes with a 10 year prison sentence, according to the Crimes Act, which is five times longer than the maximum penalty for either common assault or theft. Anytime you have to give… Read more »

Drink Driving in Fairfield Local Court

Drink driver's vision

A man found to be over the limit when breath tested by police had crashed his car through a fence, landing right near railway tracks. A crane was needed to remove the vehicle after it had been totalled. Fortunately the driver managed to escape serious injury, although as he exited his vehicle, he did stumble… Read more »

Counterfeit Money Charges Heard In The Coffs Harbour Local Court

$50 Australian

Could you spot a counterfeit banknote? Although there is a growing presence of alternative methods of payments, cash continues to be commonly used in transactions. Unfortunately, the widespread use of cash provides motive to criminals who manufacture counterfeit money. A routine breath test by police, led to a car search which uncovered a badly counterfeited… Read more »

Sentencing Alternatives in NSW Courts: Circle Sentencing, Forum Sentencing and the MERIT Program

Mark Foy in Downing Centre Court

Underlying problems like drug and alcohol addiction, as well as particular problems faced by Aboriginal offenders, mean that various alternative programs are now supplementing more traditional methods of sentencing in NSW Courts. These sentencing alternatives focus on community involvement, rehabilitation or even, in the case of forum sentencing, discussions between victim and offender as part… Read more »