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How Can I Prepare For An Appearance At The District Court?

Downing Centre District Court

Going to court for any matter is an uncomfortable and often stressful experience. If you are facing charges that are to be dealt with at a District Court it is a good idea to be as well prepared as possible. District courts generally deal with more serious criminal cases and appeals against local court decisions, so it… Read more »

Does North Sydney Local Court Offer Referral to the MERIT Program?

Injection of drug heroin

The Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment program (MERIT) is a voluntary rehabilitation program that is available to offenders in most local courts, including North Sydney Local Court. For offenders who have a confirmed substance abuse problem, the MERIT program provides an opportunity to seek treatment and address their issues, and can also lead to a less severe sentence… Read more »

What Do Staff at the Court Registry Do?

Court registry at Downing Centre Court

All local courts have a court registry that is staffed with trained court registrars. A court registrar is an employee of the local court who is trained to deal with a number of administrative and clerical court matters, including preparing court lists, filing and keeping track of court-related documents, helping members of the public with… Read more »

Applying for Legal Aid at Albury Court

Legal Aid NSW

If you are facing legal proceedings for a criminal matter at any court, you will probably benefit from seeking legal representation. Representation can be provided by private lawyers, but they may be costly. An alternative is to seek a grant of legal aid. If successful, this means that the Legal Aid Commission can pay a… Read more »