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What are Vexatious Proceedings in the NSW Court System?

Protest on road

Last year a small group of protesters were stopped and charged by police. The charge was obstructing traffic. The protesters were anti-coal seam gas and were demonstrating when police arrived. The charge of obstructing traffic came with a paltry $67 fine. Several were arrested, charged with obstructing pedestrians and drivers as well as hindering police…. Read more »

Do You Have to be a Lawyer to Represent Someone in Court?

Suit up

Most of the time, you do have to be a qualified legal practitioner to be able to represent someone else in court, such as a solicitor or barrister. This obviously benefits lawyers but it benefits you because lawyers are trained and experienced in attending court. One reason for the reluctance of the court to allow… Read more »

Physiotherapist Faces Sexual Assault Charges in Woy Woy Courthouse


Police have arrested a man accused of indecently assaulting women during their physiotherapy appointments. Initially, arrested on 4 July after one woman complained to police, Youngjin Jung subsequently faced three additional charges. So far, five women have come forward and reported that they too had been indecently assaulted by the 34-year-old accused. The man appeared… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Being a Witness in Court

Witness stand

If you have received a subpoena, this means that you must attend court on the day of the hearing. This may mean taking the day off work and/or arranging childcare. Failure to attend is a criminal offence and a warrant may be issued for your arrest or you may be charged with contempt of court…. Read more »

Murder in Batemans Bay Local Court


Murder, quite possibly the most serious crime in Australia, is something that often both fascinates and repulses us. It even has its own genre – crime fiction is a large and popular category in both literature and film. Serial killers like Ivan Milat capture public fascination. Perhaps it is the incomprehensible mystery of why some… Read more »

How Can I Appeal My Case?

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If you have appeared in court and were unsuccessful or unhappy with the result, you may be considering if it is possible to appeal your case – the conviction, the sentence or both may be appealed. If your case was heard in a Local Court, you have a few options. An appeal from the Local… Read more »