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Lawyer faced North Sydney Local Court after hitting L-plater and strangling him

Car speed

While road rage is something we may all internally battle, one lawyer certainly didn’t manage to contain his anger after running straight into a motorcycle rider. The rider, 28-year-old Alex Chapman, had only been on his L-plates for less than one week. He was riding along the Pacific Highway when hit from behind by Murray… Read more »

The NSW Bail Act Changing Again?


Since its introduction just a few months ago, the new NSW Bail Act 2013 has caused controversy and criticism throughout NSW. The controversy has centred on concerns that the new act is too lenient towards suspects, and media reports about ‘dangerous criminals’ being let out of prison. The provisions of the current Bail Act were… Read more »

Drug Searches end up in Taree Local Court

Cannabis and weed

Research from the Australian Institute of Criminology has found that arrests due to drug charges have increased in recent years, and cannabis remains the most common drug accounting for arrest. The number of those arrested on drug charges relating to cannabis has been growing by about three per cent per year. Most of those facing… Read more »

What are Committal Hearings?

Court NSW

Serious criminal cases are normally finalised in the higher courts such as the District or Supreme courts. However, you may have noticed that defendants in serious cases attend the Local Court at the start of the proceedings. Why is that? It’s because all criminal cases will normally start off in the Local Court, no matter… Read more »

Church Sex Ring Uncovered in a Coffs Harbour Court Case


During a four-year-long investigation, a complex and organised church sex ring has been uncovered. The pastor, Scott Williams ran his own church, the Christian Assemblies International but preyed on members of the congregation for his own gratification. Former members have now spoken out against the behaviour of Pastor Williams, stating that the organisation was a… Read more »