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The Law on Drug Possession in NSW

Wyong Courthouse

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim At around 1.30 am on 27 March, NSW police spotted two people acting suspiciously in a Holden Colorado in an industrial area in North Wyong. And the officers proceeded to follow the vehicle into the driveway of an empty petrol station on the Pacific Highway. A man in the… Read more »

Supreme Court to Decide Fate of Alleged Murderer


By Blake O’Connor and Ugur Nedim A recent case with a very long history serves as yet another example of DNA profiling being used to solve crime. DNA profiling refers to the examination of biological material obtained from two or more separate sources to determine whether they are likely to have the same origin. DNA evidence… Read more »

Are Video-Links De-Humanising Court Proceedings?


By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives. Its ever-changing presence is affecting our work, our home life and even the way we keep in touch with friends and family. So it’s no surprise that one of our oldest institutions, our courts, are gradually embracing technology too. Audio visual… Read more »

Child Sex Offender Has Sentence Increased on Appeal

Holding cell bars

By Blake O’Connor and Ugur Nedim Radio shock jocks and tabloid newspapers often publish sensationalised reports accusing magistrates and judges of being ‘soft on crime’ by imposing lenient sentences on those who commit serious offences. Those reports are often presented in a misleading fashion, ignoring many of the facts to invoke the emotions of the… Read more »

Can Private Companies Be Trusted to Run Our Prisons?

Cell bars

As countries around the world grapple with prison overcrowding, the United States has announced it will end privatisation of prisons at a federal level within the next five years. The US was the first country to privatise prisons in the early 1980s, when privatisation seen as a way to reduce government spending. Private companies also… Read more »

‘Disrespectful Behaviour’ Now a Crime in NSW


Last year, NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton foreshadowed new laws to make it a criminal offence to engage in ‘disrespectful behaviour’ inside the courtroom. The proposal was in response to a number of high-profile cases where defendants refused to stand for judges in court. During his trial, Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadza, accused of shooting a man outside… Read more »

New Laws to Control What You Do at Home


A suite of new strata laws were passed by the NSW parliament on August 12. The 90-odd changes outlined in the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 are said to provide a modern framework for people living in apartments and townhouses. Some of the key changes to strata laws include a more streamlined process for collective… Read more »