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Retirement and Appointment of High Court Justices

Court gavel

2015 will see the retirement of two long-serving High Court justices; Justice Kenneth Hayne and Justice Susan Crennan. Previously, justices could be appointed to serve on the bench for life, however since an amendment to the Constitution in 1977, justices of the High Court have been required to retire upon turning 70 years of age…. Read more »

Newcastle Court House Hears Racially Motivated Attack


Alleged terrorist plots in Australia have resulted in a backlash against the Muslim community. This backlash has bolstered calls to bring-in the government’s proposed ‘anti-terrorism laws’ and to ‘ban the burqa’. Earlier this month, two women wearing hijabs – a mother and daughter – were stuck in traffic at around 7pm when a 27 year… Read more »

What are the different stages of an average court case?

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From the time that an alleged offence was committed, right up to the time it is finalised in court, considerable time may have passed. This may be months or even years in the lengthier cases. The different stages that a case goes through from start to finish is poorly understood and somewhat complex. Each case… Read more »