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Does North Sydney Local Court Offer Referral to the MERIT Program?

The Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment program (MERIT) is a voluntary rehabilitation program that is available to offenders in most local courts, including North Sydney Local Court. For offenders who have a confirmed substance abuse problem, the MERIT program provides an opportunity to seek treatment and address their issues, and can also lead to a less severe sentence… Read more »

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What Do Staff at the Court Registry Do?

All local courts have a court registry that is staffed with trained court registrars. A court registrar is an employee of the local court who is trained to deal with a number of administrative and clerical court matters, including preparing court lists, filing and keeping track of court-related documents, helping members of the public with… Read more »

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Applying for Legal Aid at Albury Court

If you are facing legal proceedings for a criminal matter at any court, you will probably benefit from seeking legal representation. Representation can be provided by private lawyers, but they may be costly. An alternative is to seek a grant of legal aid. If successful, this means that the Legal Aid Commission can pay a… Read more »

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