Demerit Point Suspension in NSW – How Does it Work?

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Driving while suspended is a criminal offence in NSW. If you are caught driving without a licence, you could find yourself facing fines, a court-imposed disqualification or even prison.

Drivers can be suspended by accumulating too many demerit points on their licence.

If you have a demerit point disqualification in NSW, it’s important that you don’t drive at all and that you seek legal advice if you want to fight to have your licence reinstated.

How does the demerit point system work?

The demerit point scheme is administered by NSW Roads and Maritime Services.

It allocates penalties, which are known as demerit points, for certain driving offences. If you accumulate a specified number of demerit points within a three-year period, your licence will automatically be suspended.

Each set of demerit points also comes with a financial penalty, which is intended to deter drivers from committing traffic offences.

If you have an unrestricted licence, you are allowed up to 13 points within a three-year period.

This increases to 14 points for professional drivers.

Provisional licence holders are allowed seven points if they are on a P2 licence, and four points on a P1 licence. Learner drivers are only allowed four points before their licence will be suspended.

Each time you commit a driving offence you will receive notification in the mail along with a penalty notice.

Points will be added to your licence and if it reaches the maximum number of points, you will receive a notice of suspension which will specify how long your driving licence is being suspended for.

How long will I be suspended from driving?

The length of your driving licence suspension will depend on the number of points you have accumulated.

If you have 13-15 points, you will be suspended for three months, 16-19 points will lead to a four-month suspension, and 20 or more points will leave you disqualified for five months.

There is a standard three-month suspension period for provisional and learner licence holders.

If you are suspended from driving by a court for a serious driving offence, rather than through the accumulation of demerit points, you may also accumulate demerit points as a result.

If the additional demerit points accumulated put you over the threshold, you may need to add the additional demerit point suspension period on top of the court-issued suspension period.

It’s very important that you understand how long your suspension lasts for and that you don’t drive before the suspension period is over, or you could find yourself at risk of further penalties and disqualification.

Can I appeal a demerit point suspended?

If you have an unrestricted driving licence you can request to serve a 12-month good behaviour period in lieu of suspension.

You will need to apply to RMS before your suspension starts.

If you are approved, your licence won’t be suspended, but you will need to avoid accumulating more than two demerit points for the 12-month period.

If you go over the two-point threshold, your licence will be suspended for double the original period of time.

There is no right of appeal offered against a licence suspension which is given on the grounds of demerit points.

Although you can’t appeal a demerit point suspension, you may be able to apply to have the alleged offence which led to the suspension dealt with in court if you don’t believe that you were guilty or if there were mitigating circumstances which should be taken into consideration.

If you are found not guilty, you won’t receive demerit points and will be able to keep your licence.

In some cases, you may be able to have an offence be dismissed in court even if you are found guilty.

If this is the case, you won’t have any demerit points recorded against you.

If the court finds you guilty of the offence, RMS is obliged to record the demerit points against your licence and this can lead to suspension.

Are demerit points deleted after three years?

Although demerit points are no longer counted after three years, they remain on your driving record permanently.

Once three years has elapsed, they can no longer be counted towards suspension which means that to have a demerit point suspension in NSW you will need to have obtained 13 or more demerit points within the three-year period.

If you have other previous offences and demerit points which occurred more than three years previously, they won’t be counted.

What if my licence expires while I’m suspended?

If you are under a current suspension for the accumulation of demerit points and your licence has expired, you won’t be allowed to renew it until the suspension period has elapsed.

The RMS will issue you with a notice of refusal if this is the case and you will need to wait before renewing your licence.

It’s important to take demerit point disqualification seriously and don’t drive if your licence has been suspended.

If you want to challenge an alleged driving offence or find yourself facing court for driving after a demerit point disqualification, seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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  1. ayten duman

    hi mr nedim
    my son is due to go to court for pleading guilty on speeding but he needs his points for work and tafe any suggestions on how to write a letter for the magistrate
    kind regards

  2. Chris

    I think it might be important to note that it’s actually 40 months before demerity points expire, which is actually 3 years and 4 months.

  3. tracey

    I am a professional driver and recently had a red light camera infringement which my union has written on behalf of myself asking for leniency. Today I have found out I have another red light infringement. My demerit points total is currently sitting on 8 without these infringements. What are my options

  4. David

    Hi, above you say you must avoid getting more than two demerit points during your 12 month good behaviour period. Is it correct in saying then if you incur a 2 demerit points, you may still complete the good behaviour period without losing your license?

  5. Kimberly

    Can u please help me email me back as soon as possible please

  6. bec

    To whom it may concern,

    If my license was suspended in NSW and I am a Provisional ACT license holder, how long does it usually take to recieve a penalty letter in the mail and can I still legally drive in the meantime?

    Thank you.

  7. evan

    What do I have to do when the time comes can I drive straight away with my first provisional one license or wait for mine in the mail or do I have to get a new one

  8. Chris Joils

    Could you inform me of the state of my licence regarding demerit points.When will they be back to nil?

  9. gurninder

    Hi,i got caught in taxi drink driving with special range driver 0.042.i got three month suspension. Is there any chance i can appell in District court and save my license and convection. Thank you

  10. Graeme Burton

    It is 40 months until your points are reinstated not 3 years. It gives insurance companies more time to slug you more for your CTP.

  11. Melanie

    I got suspended for 3 months I am on my ls after that 3 months how do I get ls back so I have to sit the ls test again

  12. Safder Karim

    My license is suspended, I was driving on international license but car my was on my name . But my wife was driving my car but I paid all fines under my name, I have no idea that can be suspended after I apply for nsw license . I want to go on good behaviour, and how can I transfer fines on my wife name

  13. Walid Kassar

    your RTA,Maritime ,Service NSW,and whatever name it will be under next, is not fair at all.
    with your Unfair rules you have put lots of people out of work when they lose your license like what happened to me and my colleagues because your stingy unfair system which allows only 13 merit points for Only three years while it was 2 years before a driver get his points back, not only that, you went beyond this and now you are giving driver merits back an additional 4 months(GST ?) after the three years, so in my case if I committed “so called” offence on the 7th of Dec 2012, I don’t get it back on the 7th of Dec 2015 < no because there is a GST time on it right? I get it back on the 7th of F April 2016 if you haven't changed the low again to the worst so clearly you don't want people to have jobs, do you?. advanced Australia fair ?
    ( refer to channel 9 and 10 current affairs )

    also , the legal mafia which works in your system trying to hide like rats on corners where the speed limit will just begin to reduce from 90 to 60 for instance like what happened to me last Sunday, two of your hero's who are supposed to catch criminals and rapers were standing with their High way petrol cars with their hand held Liar detectors to target and hunt any driver who does not push his brakes suddenly to reduce his speed dramatically from 100 K on princess hwy to the silly 60K/H and may be cause drivers behind him to make an accident ,which you obviously don't care I reckon, as soon as he takes his exit at Campbelltown rd going south, I mean..pile of cars were pulled over damning and swering at the policemen and the RTA,Maritime,Service NSW system when I spoke to some of the victims for their indecent speed set laws intentionally tailored to ruin the fun time of families on a Sunday as much as they can, hit them with speed fines and loss of points.
    it is also very stupidly engineered the speed limits all over NSW,i mean you drive on 60 k speed zone then suddenly it drops to 50 ( for no reason, then goes up again to 70 then goes down to 40 at a school zone ( where schools don't exist on that road , neither the entrance of the school nor from the back) then it goes up to 60 then 80 then 50 and so F On, we drive like a yoyo in a car and instead of focusing on the road we are focusing on the speedo then you have Cameras that designed to catch us when we are turning right just because there is a car driving like a stupid turtle that go so slow to get me caught.
    also your roads in Sydney are disgusting full of traffic day and night with slow drivers who have been traumatised with your unfair booking from your Police officers who work for you rather for us to serve, and the maximum lanes you have in a major road like Parramatta Rd or hume hwy is 2 lanes filled with trucks and semi triellas going 20 klm/hr so good luck arriving at work , I literally spent 90 minutes 90 minutes from Alexandria to Chester hill , we are talking at 12 Noon here , because all Sydney roads now is Peak time there is no Non peak time any more except in Beautiful Qld which is really the smart state, where here is our New $uck ways
    sucking every pocket every day making millions of revenue daily in the name of safety, which is a total Bullshit, because most of the accidents happen outside Sydney , I mean how can you have an accident caused by a speed when you can't speed more than 30k from 7-6 any way..
    and what about the biggest rip off where you pay a toll on the M5 to get trapped in a long traffic jam for hours then you have to take King Georges Rd after you paid $4,40 for nothing, may be that's why your Police officers employees don't even go there, instead they try seeking roads where people can travel over 50K to give them hard time then tell them to add it up" have a nice day sir" ad they mean some thing else in their heart when they say it, I can feel it.

    and also, every silly booking like what happened to me a while ago driving my Beautiful (proudly German) Audi TT when a police officer decided to admire my car and pulled me over claiming that I did not give enough time signaling from right to left when I changed from lane to lane where there were no cars at that time, and he promised me if I don't pay the fine that he will come to my home and arrest me because he knows that there were no grounds for him to book me he just faked an incident because he just happened that he was on the right lane where I was waiting 7 minutes for a traffic light to come On and without any evidence he accused me of not giving blinker for 6 seconds at least or so, so I had to pay it because you cannot fight cops right? and then later I found that I have lost 2 points , so the Officer of the NSW law, lied to me intentionally to make me lose 2 points for no reason not to mention the fine I paid, and once I was booked because while I was at my work in a realestate, I pulled over to call a client to tell him that m running late 15 min because of traffic in Liverpool and I was in Miller in a deserted street when a Police officer approached me asking me , you know why I am talking to you? I said No idea, she said because you are talking on the phone , I said yeah so, I am parking aside, she sad yes but your engine is still running do you believe what sort of Crap your laws are? you are trying to find any cause to give the Police men to book any one at any time whenever they want, you see why I have along driving record full of bad history? one I got also booked for having my fog lights on and it was a Brand new Mazda back in the 1994 where the fog lights switch was On and I was not aware of it, and when explained to officer that after demo the switch must have stayed on and wasn't aware of it, you know what the Law officer said, Come On you can afford it.
    Summary: Most police officers envy every driver who drives a New car instead of respecting them because they paid an arm and a leg for the compulsory rip off stamp duty, instead they book us further then we have to pay more premium for insurance when we answered them yes I have been booked in my last 10 years or lie and get lower premium.
    The Policemen have a target to meet for the Legal mafia to raise revenue and that's why every one in the southwest pay the price, the number of speed and red light cameras are unbelievable lately in every corner almost and the latest is if you are crossing a traffic light and just went orange God help you, because if you are not quick enough the red light camera will catch you and if you speed up to avoid the red light camera guess what ? the speed camera will hit you( buy one get one free) and that's what exactly happens every minute at Woodville Rd and Hume high way.
    summary, I think we need a political party to form and stand up for your unfair system and stop all this provoking manipulating Evil crap which is driving every Sydney driver to the limit of their nerve.

    since you don't care about people losing their driving licenses and jobs as a result , and since you may claim that it is not True, why don't you introduce a big fee for any driver who wished to clean his driving record specially when it is accumulating silly fines like mine, say $3000 , that's lots of money Dear RTA/Maritime/Servie NSW, I mean after all, you love to make money right? also when he gets his license back he will be booked again and again the way N$W is going with the number of traffic lights and cameras and frustrations and the police hunters then he pay you to clear his record again later,believe me you need new ideas to make people like you and get along with our miserable life here, because we really had enough and it is not cool at all.


    suffering Sydney driver

  14. Joseph

    I know that my brother in law drives whilst having a suspended licence. How do I have the cops catch him?

  15. Daniel

    Hello, I am enquiring for my brother, he was disqualified from driving and his disqualification has now ended, he has never held a licence but now RMS are saying because he is a harbitaul offender he has to go to court to ask for it to be quashed

  16. Nathan T

    hi , I’ve quick question.
    Im currenty just moved on to western australia.
    I used to live in sydney and moved overseas until currently moved to perth western australia.
    I found my full NSW driver license has been suspended on 2013 in regards of upaid penalties and my license has expired in 2014. So now , in order to transfer to WA driver license, what shud i do?will my suspension ended if i pay my penalties in total.please give me englightment thank u

  17. Moona Taouk

    i have one demerit point on my licence it was implemented around febuary was a speeding fine saying i was doing 70 in a sixty zone,how long before i get that point back?

  18. Jai Copelin

    I have a tricky won I was speeding in July 30km/h over and was pulled over by a police officer. My licence was immediately suspended for 3 months and I have just completed the suspension and then recently got a letter in the mail saying I have exceeded the points limit. I just seems a bit silly because I just served a suspension for speeding now I have to serve won again. I’m on my green P’s so not much I can do but wondering does anyone know any ideas on how to get around that.

  19. Jarrod

    What if I accumulate 11 points on my P2 license? How long is my suspension?

  20. steven scott

    Do you get all your points back after the 1 year good behaviour is complete.

  21. MB

    I am a law obedient driver, I always follow the road rules and show respect and consideration for other drivers! I have never intentionally Brocken the road rules but I am also so unlucky with the police! When I am 99.9% of the times being a good driver, I don’t get reworded for it, I am invisible, police can’t see me! But, if I accidentally brake the rules, the police are there in a sec, they just appear out of nowhere and book me! Today was a great example of that and it had to be in a double demerit point period of course! I just touched the phone while I was standing in a red traffic light! I was not texting or calling, I was just checking the directions on the map while the car was not moving, how is this an offence? How I am hurting anybody by just doing that? The Police of course, my luck, just pulled over next my car and pulled me over and booked me! I tried to explain to them that I was lost with two kids in the car and I was just looking at the map while the car was at a stand still but they won’t have it. They quickly issued me with a fine and I lost double the points! It would’ve been nice and fair if the police acknowledged my previous great driving records and perhaps send me off with a warning. I would’ve had so much more respect for the police and believed that this scheme is actually there to save lives and not a money making scheme! I am annoyed because it is not fair that one small mistake will cost me double the points and money! It is like working really hard all the times to be a good law obedient citizen and never get awarded for it but as soon as a small mistake is made I will get double the punishment for it. This is just making me think what is the point then!!! It is so unfair!! More should be done to reward and acknowledge a good driving record Instead of being punished severely for silly reasons!!!

  22. Artemis

    Hi there, just a quick question? currently I’m in a six month suspension 🙁
    (from April 25 – 25 October) after I have served my suspension, what happens to my licence (demerit) do I start back at zero? Clean slate? Or do I have 6 points? Or any points ?? Not sure how this works?

  23. Graham

    N.S.W road rules are crimes against humanity.
    How many children will go hungry tonight.
    How many people will not be able too pay their mortgage or rent.
    Survival of transport companies under system without empathy.
    Robot cameras are judge and and executioner.
    Country without tolerance will create a society without empathy and compassion.

  24. melanie

    I was pulled up for driving while suspended (unpaid parking fine). I have no priors and all my points. What is the chance of me getting a section 10 and how do I get one?
    Thanks all.

  25. troy

    i have just lost my last 2 demerit points and am waiting now for the letter of suspension and the fine.
    if i chose not to do the one year probation how long will i have to wait to drive again and how many points do i get back, i heard its a 3 month wait and you get back 12 points

  26. Albert Malki

    Do I recover all 13 demerit points after a 3 months licence suspension?

  27. Michael

    My licenses was suspended 3 weeks by the police for high range drink driving how ever at the time was not driving and in a cow paddock, with security sitting on me . Police pick up never tested me and talk too me took me too the station and tested me and took my license without no charge can you do that

  28. Lesley

    hi how long after you are fined and lose points do u grain the points

  29. Tyin

    how many points do you get after finishing the good behaviour period?

  30. Jehad

    I have a good behaviour drivers lic and what if some of my points were due to expir would they still be removerd or i havto wait for the 12month
    Thank you

  31. Trav

    Hi i am a green p plater i have gained 13 demerit points how long will i lost my licence for im on 3 months got until next week to get it back will i receive another 3 month suspension

  32. Hassan

    Hi i have 11 point left and the polic give me fine for 12 becuase my son not put seat belt on can tell me what happen to me my licence now please?

  33. Layla Ayubi

    HI could u help me i had 4 points in red p and i lost them bcz i was speed 55 in school zoon now i have 2 kids and i need drive daily How can i do could u plz show me away tnx

  34. Mary

    Hello, My son is on his “Red P’s” he lost two points for my having P plates displayed and then another 2 points two months later for the same offence, the second time the wind blew them off, he has just started an apprenticeship, does he have any leg to stand on in fighting this, as he needs to licence to work. Thank you

  35. Johnd973

    I really enjoy reading on this website, it holds great articles. Don’t put too fine a point to your wit for fear it should get blunted.

  36. Johnd805

    But a smiling visitor here to share the love , btw outstanding layout.

  37. Johnk370

    Some really quality blog posts on this internet site , saved to fav.

  38. Arnie

    hi i have full nsw license i have lost 9 demerit and have points left and my last offence was October 30 2016 so when do i get full points back please.

  39. William

    Hi I have lost 2point of my license on the 13/10/2017 n then lost another 6 demerit point on public holiday Aus day which is the 28th of Jan 2019
    My question is for the 2point that I have lost on the 13/10/2017 am I going to get those 2point first in the 1st 3years of the offence date n got it back which on the 13/10/2020 or do I have till the 28 of Jan 2022 to get the 2point and all my point
    Not really sure about this rules

  40. Steven

    How long until an infringement notice is issued for accidentally going through a right turn red light camera? Luckily no traffic was coming. Can I use a wdo as I an on ausstudy and in financial hardship? How much is the fine now?

  41. Hamid

    Hi. I had a driving offence I crossed red light camera. I noted if a driver have 10+ years clear Australian driving licence can request for review and the offence will be waived. Unfortunately till the prior of the offence, I have 9 years and 6 months clear Australian driving licence. Can I possibly request for review for appeal or take this case to court for nearly 10 years I had clear Australian licence?
    I appreciate for your guidance in advance.

  42. Kintiq

    I believe NSW drivers are being punished three folds for driving offences minor or major:
    1. Fine
    2. Demerit Points and
    3. Three (3) years to recover the demerit points

    NSW Government may analyse the statistics and analyse the results for the following:

    a. How many drivers lost licences for minor /negligent offences
    b. How they are managing there day to day affairs without a driving licence
    c. What the NSW government has done to re-educate /retrain them
    d. The three years time period is that fair for drivers who loose demerits points for minor offences

  43. Geoff

    Nowhere on the official sites does it say what happens to your points after you have served your suspension… Can you tell me please? Are they all wiped clean or are you ‘set up’ for a double whammy – losing your licence straight away – if you speed again.

  44. Geoff

    How do the authorities prosecute/justify fines incurred by speed cameras where electronically controlled ‘variable limits’ are in place? These can change at a moment’s notice — and you can be ‘trapped’!

  45. Christopher

    If I receive a driving fine in the mail during probationary period. But pay that fine after probation is completed “within the due date of fine” does that mean the demerit points are added after the fact and not impacting the probation? Just not too sure

  46. Tony Goodwin

    My points were accumulated when the demerit points were 2 years before you got the points back. Why are my points not back after the 2 years then?

  47. Manish

    Could you please help me I have red p and I caught in overspeeding by 20km/hr and I got 4demerits point. I am from overseas and I need car for my work it’s very important for me.could you please help me to get out from this situation.
    Thank you.

  48. Sarah

    Hi There

    I have lost my 3points few year ago, do you know how long I will having 3 points back? Thanks

  49. Mel

    Hey I lost my Ls and was wondering if I have done the 120 hours am I able to get my ps as soon as I get my licence back or do I have to wait longer

  50. Upenra

    Do I recover all the demerit after the suspension period is over .Please can you give me replay.

  51. Farishta Rezai

    I got suspended for 3 months I am on my ls after that 3 months how do I get ls back so I have to sit the ls test again

  52. Zaib

    I was on learner when i got 2 speeding fine and with 2 points that will become 8 because of learner and then they suspend my driving license for three month. Now i have full unrestricted driving license so my question is that after suspension period 8 demerits point will remain on license or not?

  53. Yahia ramsey

    My license has been disqualified on 30th of May 2019 for 12 months I have like 3 more months left but I called service nsw that when can I get my license back I need it for work but they said that I have dimerit point and after disqualification period my suspension starts for another 3 months
    I am already off the road for more than 10 months And will wait for another 3 months till my disqualification period is over
    What r my options to get my suspension lifted and go to work with plz show me the way
    Thank you

  54. Brooke Thomson

    Hi i hold my p2 license and on the 17th of jan i lost 7 point for driving a prohibited vehicle ( which is all the points i hold ) i have not yet received the first fine for the 7 points which the RMS has advised will be sent out 08.03.2020 and i have until 08.04.2020 to pay this my first question is how many days after i pay the fine will i loose my license ? also further to that on the 08.03.2020 i got pulled over for not having my p plates on and lost a further 2 points, will this be taken off the 7 when i receive them back ? or will i then loose my license for a longer time period ? please help i have had so many mixed reviews about this

  55. Saroj pandey

    I have red p. Ijust received a fine for driving 52km / at school zone 40 . I need liscence for my tafe and my work . So what can i do now . Thankyou

  56. hari

    hi everyone, i am on learners licence , and got 3 months of suspension and got 5 demerits points, so in that case- after how long i would be able to drive, if cannot drive then how long will it be extra suspended?
    your help is much appreciated!!

  57. Liana

    I had no license driving while suspended and no p plates and was told I was suspended on the 14 of April of 2020 dued to Coronavirus and I have a working Job and is required to drive to specific there a chance of receiving a minimum penalty ???

  58. Jo

    Can we postpone licence suspension until after the COVID crisis? I have several auto immune diseases and my father has pancreatic cancer we can not afford to get COVID19. My son will have to use public transport to get to work. I am concerned the family will be punished.

  59. surjit singh

    My son commited traffic violation twice in Perth first by attending phone call while driving. He was fined and let off.
    Secondly time he was found jumping Red Light signal. This time he was fined and his DL suspended for your years.
    He has been driving small Load Carrier to earn his livelihood.
    28 Days period has already elapsed
    Any solution, please

  60. Jovani

    I have only 3 more demerit point left before DL suspension, I would like to know how long does it take from the date of losing all demerit point to the date of starting driving suspension.
    I am planning to arrange for DL Suspension after the new year as I am working as an Uber driver and I need to have a clean DL with no demerit point next year



  61. Babar Mirza

    Hi, my son is on his red Ps so he has only 4 points. He has received a fine for which normally there would be 3 demerits but being a P player he will receive 4 and be suspended for 3 months. Is there anything we can do to avoid the suspension? Thanks, Babar

  62. Haris

    Actually i am on 11 points .i just got caught today , i will be receiving ticket for 2 demerits .but my 3 points about to come in 15 days so before I received suspension letter ,my first offense will be more than 3 years
    I just want to know
    I will get suspension letter ,or if iget what i should do

  63. Kiti

    I have got 2 tickets infringement on TWAY LANE.
    I took the wrong turn and snapped by two cameras and got tickets on same day/location.
    I have paid my fines even though I have written a letter for leniency as I made the mistake and could not turn around and either way I could have coped 4 tickets .

    Need help in getting assistance even to get one dimerit points taken away as it happens in a space of 1 minute.

  64. Zena

    For all those having same troubles as me with continuous fines and demerit points for focusing on driving safely, rather than obeying the mess that RMS has made of the roads. For 20 years of driving I have never had an accident, or been pulled over by the police. But yet I have lost my license from demerit points around 10 times in the last 7 years?? If I had driven whilst trying to read and obey all the rules, I wonder how many accidents I would have caused, how much trauma from being a recipient of road rage, as I cant imagine there would be much time to watch my mirrors and drive safely and responsibly. I even got fined for stopping at a no stopping zone – but I was not stopped – I was indicating and waiting for a truck to get out of a driveway on the other side of the road, so I could continue driving along the couldersack. They pick on people and make them look like they have a negligent driving history, and keep fining them. The real criminals are the police and the RMS, and may everyone know it very soon. But what retribution will the victims of their evil recive – will they reimburse us the lost moneys, the job losses, the stress and trauma of such victimisation and persecution so they can feel powerful by doing evil things to control people, and get their money. A truely powerful person, does not need to behave this way. Only the worst cowards could create such a disgraceful nonsence. I agree from other comments – there should be some accountability by the RMA and Revenue Services as to what are the real causes of the majority of fines issued eg. red light camera when stuck across intersections in peak hour (when buses suddenly stop, traffic suddenly stops, jaywalkers, etc). I got fined for mobile phone usage, and all I did was quickly put my phone on the charger at a red traffic light. It was not even in use. But yet it is legal to talk, look at GPS, play loud music (or screen for any other reason including taking selfies, smoking, etc) if your phone is in a carrying devise. I would never do such legal things with my phone, as that is the kind of things that does cause accidents. I could only conclude that there is a mass scam, with the decent people being victims, or the police, RMS and Revenue Services are imbeciles to not come up with a sensible way to keep our roads safe.

  65. Zac Hawes

    Hey guys what happens when I loose 8 (6+2) points on 2 separate occasions on my red P’s in NSW do I still only loose my lic for 3 months or is it longer PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ASAP

  66. Stewart Gall

    Can you hand in licence for 6 months whilst in rehab to get back all points

  67. Sumon

    Sir, When I was in NSW in 2015 my license(P2) was suspended but before due date I have moved to VIC and got P2 license. Now I got full VIC license. If I move back to NSW now will my license suspended because I did not serve in 2015? Please replay me. Thanks

  68. Nicki

    I was caught driving over the limit on M4 and got suspended on the spot.
    I was given 3 months and 1000$ fine.
    Now is almost for the 3 months to finish and I have called them and they said that I have lost 45 points in a less than a year I have been driving.
    Please help and and give me an advice on what to do next

  69. Neil

    I have accumulated far too may points and now lost my licence for 6 months. Up until recently I did not have the best driving record in my 50 years of driving any only just had my ist accident. I still don’t know who is to blame. Regardless, I was not charged. With the cold restrictions in place I do believe ive accidetially fallen out of normal driving practices and was driving on a good behaviour bond. in a matter of a few weeks i managed to loose my licence because I had my phone in my hand just calling Siri but paid the penalty. I was given a month to stop driving but in this period before I received the notice managed to accumulate 2 more offences. Even when I get my licence back I’m still out 4 points. I was semi retired but now going to pull the plug. I can’t put up with getting fined for doing 69km in a 60 zone. Etc. why I accumulated so many points over the years is the mileage I did. On average 60k per year. If anyone can say they maintain the speed limit without accidentally breaking it is full of crap. So now I have 5 months to go, only way I can see my grandkids is take public transport and no way to get to golf anymore. The last of my holidays is out of the question. Like I said, I’ve been driving for t0 years, no accidents but sometimes a little over the speed limit. It’s not like I’m a rev head and could still possible oudrive a cop on raceway. The points system is totally barbaric and doesn’t take into account the performance of new cars. You feel like you at doing 50 when the car is doing 70.Before you felt is a drove accordingly. Mows the time to either get an old car or hang up my keys for good. Thank you to the legal mafia that are really benefiting. Yes, pay the fine but leave the points out of it. I have no means to appeal and no way to stand in front of a judge to examine my character, not my points.

  70. h

    I love it when individuals come together and share thoughts.

    Great website, stick with it!

  71. jessica

    i have just been caught for speeding after having my red ps license for 2 weeks, the officer didn’t say anything about me loosing my licence and just said that if it had been a highway patrol I would have lost my license, do I loose my license or is that just a warning, I am confused

  72. dori

    Firstly, I’d like to say, what a wonderful site to see others come together to express their views on the tragedy that is – Sydney roads.
    I got fined a couple years ago while on my green P’s, which I was just on for 3 months, for driving 47km/hr in a 40km/hr school zone. Sure, I get that society values our children. I should agree. But it was 3.40pm. Nearly all children are gone by then. Heck, the road was empty and it was a main road that is normally 70km/hr speed out of school hours. So it is easy to forget, especially when the roads are empty by that time. I turned at the traffic light and simply didn’t realise or forgot it was still a school zone. Anyways, what really frustrated me is the unfair demerit system that gives a p plater a whopping 5 demerits compared to only 2 for a full license. So this led me to only have 2 demerits left to spare before I would get my full license.
    Fast forward 1.5 years later from the fine. I am 3 months away from a full license. I decide to drive somewhere I have only been to once the following week and it was 6.30pm and dark. Being unfamiliar with the roads to this recently embarked destination, I approach a traffic light that suddenly turns yellow. I realise there are cameras and I start to overthink about my speed due to my past trauma with speed and school zones. Was it 50 or 60km/hr speed? I don’t know. So I slow down to around 50km/hr speed but slowing down meant not making it through the intersection at a sudden yellow light. And you guessed it. My rear wheel just left the white line sensors in the road (as captured in the photo) by what looks like a few millimetres. They say you are meant to stop at a yellow light. Well I was pretty close to the lights when it did turned yellow but I decided to stupidly slow down from 60 to 50km/hr on a road that 60km/hr speed and that was what costed me the red light offence along with the 3 demerits. If I hadn’t been scarred of a previous speed fine, I would have continued on my just below 60km/hr speed and would have easily missed the red light. I am now on 8 demerits which exceeds my limit of 7 demerits. I’ve paid the unnecessary fine of $464 and am awaiting my suspension letter. Just ridiculous with their lack of real life context in issuing the fines. I did not kill anyone. The roads were empty. I might as well have sped up to 20km/hr over the limit or ran the red light and maybe even speed up at the same time anyway and still would get the same stupid suspension. Again, the main thing that frustrates me is the lower demerit limit that p platers have. Being on 4 or 7 demerits max compared to 13?! I mean I get that it is because p platers are of higher risk drivers, but seriously?! It wasn’t like I was purposely being reckless. I drove 47km/hr on a road that is normally 70km/hr speed and it was nearly 4pm. It is natural to forget… especially when you are tired after work on a hot afternoon with the afternoon sun in your face! The kids are gone by 3.30pm. No one wants to stay at school that long . even teachers don’t want to . I had just triggered the red light sensor by a few millimetres and get a whopping $464 fine and 3 demerits on a p plate. I’ll serve the stupid 3 month suspension because I am a law abiding citizen who just simply did what the law would view as an “offence”, all the while getting to work 5 days a week along with my other weekly commitments by public transport and other means, thinking to myself this is just so stupid. It’s so stupid that it is almost comical I can’t help but laugh at the nonsense they make us go through.

  73. M

    Received notice of fine and 10 demerit (phone use on ph) so now I’m on 13 points. I have paid the fine on 26/5 .. but haven’t received suspension notice yet. How long does it take to receive? Worried it might have got lost in post and am driving without licence

  74. Gordo

    Hi I got a big dilemma here I wana know if say I get pulled over by police n they didn’t day nothing abt me on p1 driving a prohibited vehicle n they let me go and then another police pulls me up as I parked saying r u allow to drive this car n ask for me licence did a check n let’s me go right and cause there this high patrol got it in for me he went n got them officer to fine me for driving a high performance vehicle n im sitting on right now 14points n a 1300fine can I take it to court or should I just cop it? And 1 more thing I just got done driving the other night again by random highway patrol n they got me for driving under substance and prohibited vehicle so would I just get 3month suspension or does it means I’m losing my licence for longer csuse that’s another 7 point and driving underinfluence?? Please I meed urgent help can u please advise me wat to do do I cop the first point and wat will happen next wen the other 7 points come through? Thanks Gordo

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