NSW Courts Articles

Child Sex Offender Has Sentence Increased on Appeal

By Blake O’Connor and Ugur Nedim Radio shock jocks and tabloid newspapers often publish sensationalised reports accusing magistrates and judges of being ‘soft on crime’ by imposing lenient sentences on those who commit serious offences. Those reports are often presented in a misleading fashion, ignoring many of the facts to invoke the emotions of the… Read more »

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‘Disrespectful Behaviour’ Now a Crime in NSW

Last year, NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton foreshadowed new laws to make it a criminal offence to engage in ‘disrespectful behaviour’ inside the courtroom. The proposal was in response to a number of high-profile cases where defendants refused to stand for judges in court. During his trial, Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadza, accused of shooting a man outside… Read more »

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Terrorist Recruiter Found Guilty

Hamdi Alqudsi, the central figure in Australia’s most successful jihadi recruitment network, has been sentenced to a minimum of six years in prison. In July this year, the 42-year-old western Sydney resident was found guilty in the NSW Supreme Court of seven counts of supporting engagement in armed hostilities in Syria. Alqudsi was found to… Read more »

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