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Contractor Fined $100,000 Over Fatal Gas Mix-Up

Newborn baby

The man responsible for a gas-mix up at a Sydney hospital which left one baby dead and another with permanent brain damage has been fined by the New South Wales District Court. Christopher Turner was a contractor working for BOC Limited at the time he mixed-up the pipes, resulting in the tragedy. Mr Turner pleaded… Read more »

NSW Local Court In Crisis

NSW Local Court

The annual review of the local court, which deals with more than 90 per cent of criminal matters in the state, shows a massive surge in the number of cases being dealt with by the court since 2013 – about 70,000 cases over the six year period. Last year, almost 340,000 criminal matters came before… Read more »

Family Court Fails Vulnerable Children

Family Court

A review of the Family Law system has been scathing in its criticism of court orders, finding that the Family Court is systematically failing children it’s supposed to be protecting. When James* was just six years old, the Family Court of Australia ordered that he live with his abusive father, a man who’s documented file… Read more »

$40 Smokes: Health Issue or Tax Grab?


Smokers will soon be hit in the pocket again, after new legislation has cleared the way for further price hikes on tobacco. The Federal Government has voted to raise the levy on cigarettes by 12.5% over four years, which will fill government coffers with an extra $4.7 billion. Aussies who smoke will pay $40 a… Read more »