NSW Courts Articles

Which Offences can give me a Criminal Record?

There are thousands-upon-thousands of types of criminal offences in NSW, and it is unlikely that there are many of us that haven’t committed a crime at some point in our lives. Many of us may have received a parking or speeding ticket, but not all offences are classified as ‘criminal’ and will lead to a… Read more »

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New Rules Mean That Filming In Court Will Be Legal In Certain Circumstances

In general, courts are open to the public to attend, but filming in the court was strictly forbidden without express court permission. There has been the odd example of filming in court – like Gordon Wood’s successful appeal when his murder conviction was overturned in front of the camera. Examples have, however, been few and… Read more »

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Lawyer faced North Sydney Local Court after hitting L-plater and strangling him

While road rage is something we may all internally battle, one lawyer certainly didn’t manage to contain his anger after running straight into a motorcycle rider. The rider, 28-year-old Alex Chapman, had only been on his L-plates for less than one week. He was riding along the Pacific Highway when hit from behind by Murray… Read more »

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