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What Penalty Will I Get for Driving While Unlicensed?

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Did you know that after drink driving and common assault, driving without a licence is the most common reason that people are sent to criminal court? Over 12,000 people came before a court for driving without a licence between April 2013 and March 2014, according to the latest Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR)… Read more »

Do we need licensing or registration for cyclists?


For those who drive cars, watching rogue cyclists sail through red lights can seem unfair, and being stuck behind a slow-moving bicycle that’s hogging the lane can be annoying. Whether motorists like it or not, cyclists have a right to be on the road – and most obey the road rules. Some drivers believe that… Read more »

What is the Standard of Proof in Traffic Cases?

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There is some confusion about the standard of proof in traffic cases, and justifiably so. Much of the confusion arises from the personal experiences of our readers, who receive traffic infringements and are then given conflicting advice. Many are adamant that they are  innocent. Some point out that police relied upon guesswork or unscrupulous practices… Read more »

What are the low range drink driving penalties in NSW?

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In NSW, all drink driving cases are serious, and even low range drink driving penalties mean that you could end up before a magistrate facing a range of potential penalties. Drink driving is a factor in one out of every five fatal crashes according to the RMS, and costs the community millions of dollars every year…. Read more »

Why Should I Get a Specialist DUI Lawyer in Sydney?

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You might be wondering, what is a DUI and how is it different to a PCA offence? DUI is also known as driving under the influence of any alcohol or other drug. It is a charge that may be brought where there was no valid breath test to confirm a particular blood alcohol concentration. This… Read more »

Lawyer faced North Sydney Local Court after hitting L-plater and strangling him

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While road rage is something we may all internally battle, one lawyer certainly didn’t manage to contain his anger after running straight into a motorcycle rider. The rider, 28-year-old Alex Chapman, had only been on his L-plates for less than one week. He was riding along the Pacific Highway when hit from behind by Murray… Read more »