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New Laws Relating to Offences Against Pregnant Women in NSW


By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim The decade-long debate in NSW around foetal personhood laws continues as NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian and attorney general Mark Speakman have released exposure draft legislation seeking to establish a circumstance of aggravation for criminal offences perpetrated against pregnant women. Released on 10 November, the draft Crimes Legislation (Offences Against… Read more »

Every Dog Has His Day: Angus the Schnauzer Wins in the NSW Supreme Court

Dog in court

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim The New South Wales Court of Appeal (NSWCA) has made what’s being labelled as a landmark decision for pet owners in apartment buildings and other strata managed premises. Angus’ owner, soul singer Jo Cooper, has endured a five year legal battle with the strata corporation of a prestige Darlinghurst… Read more »

Suppression and Non-Publication Orders in New South Wales

Parramatta Courthouse

A Sydney-based criminal defence lawyer charged with aggravated  sexual assault is seeking to have his name suppressed, along with the name of the firm where he works. The lawyer is trying to save his reputation, and that of his employer, by preventing the publication of what police allege is a “salacious” and cocaine-riddled culture within… Read more »

Time to Ditch the Wig and Down the Gown


By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim Writing in Independent Australia, Dr Robert Woods suggested last Friday that it’s time this nation became a republic, as its current status as a constitutional monarchy continues to overtly represent the interests of the European invaders and a system that long excluded non-white peoples. Indeed, with the recent resurgence… Read more »

Sydney Lawyer Struck Off for Stealing from Mother’s Estate

Sydney Lawyer

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim Former sole principal at Lane Cove legal practice Leslie Hargrave Lawyers, James Leslie recently had his name struck off the roll of solicitors kept by the NSW Supreme Court, as it was found he’d mishandled trust money in numerous ways, which constituted professional misconduct. In late 2016, Leslie was… Read more »

NSW Lawyer Struck Off for Misappropriating Trust Money

Lawyer standing

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim According to section 302(1)(f) of the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW), if a lawyer is found guilty of “unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct”, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) can recommend that their name be removed from the roll of lawyers. The NSW Supreme Court maintains the… Read more »