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Causation in Murder Cases: Thabo Meli v The Queen

Chalk outline of a murder

If you planned on killing someone and they ended up dying, but not directly as a result of your actions, are you still guilty of murder? This question was explored in the famous case case of Thabo Meli v The Queen (1954) which took place in ‘Basutoland’, a former British colony in South Africa. The… Read more »

New Children’s Court to Open in Sydney

Boy in detention

It’s no secret that courtrooms around the nation are filled to capacity, with lawyers and their clients frustrated by long delays in the justice system. The juvenile system is no exception, with Children’s Courts at Glebe and Parramatta stretched to the limit. But it is hoped that the opening of a new inner-city Children’s Court… Read more »

Jury Convicts Man of Murder Based on False Confession


It would be nice to trust police to carry out their investigations in a fair manner, but what if the methods they use to get the answers they want are fundamentally flawed? A new study by two forensic psychologists has found that – through unfair interviewing methods – police are able to plant false memories… Read more »

Court Slashes Payout to Drink Driving Victim

Crashed car

Negligent driving is one of the most common major traffic offences in Australia, behind drink driving. Combining the two can lead to horrific consequences. In one tragic case, an intoxicated P-plater caused the death of his best friend and inflicted severe brain damage upon another passenger when he veered off the road and collided with… Read more »

Citizens’ Arrests Gone Wrong


A 36-year-old Perth man is a tragic casualty of a citizen’s arrest gone wrong. The man was allegedly breaking into cars before a group of men spotted him. He ran away but they caught up with him near the Hyde Park Hotel, where he began having convulsions during the struggle. He was held by the… Read more »

Terrorism Fears Lead to Increased Court Security

Security guard

With Australia listing the threat of terrorism as “high”, governments continue to spend heavily on national security. In the latest move, NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton has announced that $5.2 million will be spent to step-up security in NSW Courts by hiring 40 new sheriffs officers. Upton stated that:“The safety of those who work at or… Read more »