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Funding Package to Ease District Court Delays

DCC courtroom

District Courts across New South Wales have been plagued by ongoing delays, and are currently experiencing a backlog of more than 2,000 cases. With tough new bail laws, this means that more and more defendants are left languishing in prison awaiting trial, while victims have to wait longer to testify in court and put events… Read more »

The High Court and Our Constitutional Rights

White justice statue

The High Court is the highest judicial court in Australia, and is called upon to decide some of the most important and challenging legal issues that affect our nation. The Justices of the High Court may be called upon to decide questions about a range of legal fields: from taxation law to property, copyright, family,… Read more »

What Happens If I Don’t Attend Court?

Court in Sydney

Imagine it’s the day of the court hearing or jury trial and the defendant is nowhere to be found. Or perhaps the proceedings have already started, but the defendant does a ‘runner’ or behaves in such a way that the case cannot keep going with him or her there. In these situations, the court must… Read more »

Who Decides the Charges Against Me?


Many believe that in criminal cases, it is the complainant – or alleged victim – who presses the charges and decides whether the proceedings will continue. But the reality is that in Australia, the State presses and makes decisions about criminal charges – the complainant is merely a witness in the proceedings. During a speech… Read more »

High Court Says: Impose Consistent Sentences Nationwide

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Consistency in sentencing is an important objective of the Australian criminal justice system – after all, it is unfair for some offenders to be given lenient penalties while others are given much harsher sentences for similar crimes. But statistics suggest that the sentences imposed for various Commonwealth offences vary significantly across the country – until… Read more »

NSW Courts for Sale

For sale

Fancy owning an historic country courthouse? If so, your dream could soon become a reality, with NSW Attorney-General Gabrielle Upton hinting that some of the state’s aging courthouses might soon be auctioned off. According to Ms Upton, around 20% criminal cases in NSW are listed at the Downing Centre and Parramatta Courts, which are struggling… Read more »

Daughter Charged after Mummified Body Discovered

Handcuffs made in China

A Coronial Inquest into the tragic death of 83-year-old Noreen Peacock has reached a conclusion, with Magistrate Sharon Freund delivering her findings. Ms Freund’s report details the “extraordinarily sad case” of an elderly woman who died after battling dementia, and the impact of the situation on her daughter, Melissa, who was her sole carer. Background… Read more »

Should NSW Have a Family Drug Treatment Court?

Drug test

The Family Drug Treatment Court of Victoria (the FDTC) was established in May 2014 by Magistrate Greg Levine, who had spent years heading the Children’s Court of Victoria – as well as countless hours researching similar family drug court initiatives in the USA and UK. Since its inception, the Court has helped parents overcome their… Read more »