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Majority Verdicts in New South Wales


For hundreds of years, juries in NSW criminal trials were required to return ‘unanimous’ verdicts of either guilty or not guilty, in order for an accused person to be convicted or acquitted of a crime. This meant that all 12 members of the jury had to reach the same conclusion about whether the prosecution had… Read more »

NSW Supreme Court Rejects Council Merger Plans

Queen Square Supreme Court NSW

The remaining council merger plans of the the NSW government have been thrown into question after the NSW Supreme Court ruled that the process did not accord with procedural fairness. The Ku-ring-gai council has won its appeal against a proposed merger with Hornsby Council, with the court criticising the secrecy of the process. The ruling casts… Read more »

Turnbull Government to Water Down Native Title Laws

Aboriginal land

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim Australian attorney-general George Brandis rushed a bill through the House of Representatives on February 16 to amend native title laws. If passed by the Senate, it will reverse the impact that a recent Federal Court ruling will have on past and future Indigenous land use agreements (ILUAs). The Noongar native title… Read more »

Gordon Wood Sues NSW Government


By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim Several years after being acquitted of murdering his girlfriend Caroline Byrne, Gordon Wood has commenced civil proceedings against the State of New South Wales, seeking $17.8 million in damages for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. The case In a famous miscarriage of justice, Mr Wood spent more than three… Read more »

Federal Court Invalidates Landmark Native Title Agreement

Aboriginal flag

On February 2 of this year, the Federal Court ruled that the largest native title settlement in Australian history was void. The Noongar native title settlement was worth $1.3 billion dollars. The court’s decision may have widespread implications for both past and future agreements. The settlement between the Western Australian government and the Noongar traditional… Read more »