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Terrorism Offender’s Sentence Reduced, as His Words Weren’t as Serious as First Judged

Supreme Court NSW

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim A 17 to 18th of December 2014 meeting of some Australian Muslim men in their early 20s was occurring in in the garage of the Regent’s Park family home of Sulayman Khalid, which involved them planning a series of serious terrorist attacks on Sydney’s AFP building and Lithgow Prison. Later… Read more »

The “Lost Utilitarian Benefit” of a Rejected Guilty Plea Should Be Reflected in Sentence

Guilty Plea

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim In May 2014, two drive-by shootings were committed at the Bossley Park home of Wade Martinez. NSW police believed Gewargis Garmo was connected to these incidents. Martinez would not cooperate with inquiries into them. But it’s been suggested he thought to take care of the matter himself. Nine months… Read more »

A Rundown of the UK High Court Decision to Greenlight Assange’s US Extradition

High Court decision on Assange

The UK High Court of Justice ruled on 10 December last year, that the decision not to permit the extradition of Australian journalist Julian Assange, handed down by District Court Judge Vanessa Baraitser on 4 January 2021, be overturned. Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett and Lord Justice Timothy Holroyd made the decision based on two… Read more »

Sentence Reduced as Judge Overstated the Objective Seriousness of the Offence

Supreme Court window

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim At around 9.50 pm on 24 June 2017, Jayden Mason was forcibly ejected from the Wyong Leagues Club for being drunk and disorderly. On his way out of the premises, the 21-year-old commenced threatening staff, and as he walked down Lake Haven Drive, he continued this same behaviour with… Read more »

NSW Considers Banning the Public Display of Nazi Symbols

Australian Neo Nazis

By Paul Gregoire and Ugur Nedim Any suggested government-imposed prohibition on the public display of a particular symbol is likely to provoke responses opposing the proposition as being yet another expression of Australia’s increasing authoritarian drift. However, according to NSW shadow counterterrorism minister Walt Secord, the proposal he recently tabled in his private members bill,… Read more »