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What is Double Jeopardy?

Lady Justice

Double jeopardy has been an integral part of our criminal law system – it is essentially the idea that a person cannot be put on trial twice for the same offence. It has been a part of the common law for 800 years and the principle has a counterpart in other legal systems, too. There… Read more »

Counterfeit Money Charges Heard In The Coffs Harbour Local Court

$50 Australian

Could you spot a counterfeit banknote? Although there is a growing presence of alternative methods of payments, cash continues to be commonly used in transactions. Unfortunately, the widespread use of cash provides motive to criminals who manufacture counterfeit money. A routine breath test by police, led to a car search which uncovered a badly counterfeited… Read more »

Sentencing Alternatives in NSW Courts: Circle Sentencing, Forum Sentencing and the MERIT Program

Mark Foy in Downing Centre Court

Underlying problems like drug and alcohol addiction, as well as particular problems faced by Aboriginal offenders, mean that various alternative programs are now supplementing more traditional methods of sentencing in NSW Courts. These sentencing alternatives focus on community involvement, rehabilitation or even, in the case of forum sentencing, discussions between victim and offender as part… Read more »

Fraud in NSW Courts

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Fraud is on the rise. Its perpetrators include anyone from members of parliament to bikie gangs who team up with rivals to perpetuate fraud. Earlier this year, cold-callers from call-centres were used to swindle over one million dollars from Australians. The police uncovered the fraudulent operation, run by bikies who were using call centres as… Read more »

Practical Jokes And The Law

Run over joke

You might think your prank is hilarious but will a judge think so too? Or maybe you are already in this situation. If you have been charged with a crime, which in your eyes was just a prank gone wrong, it is important to speak with a lawyer, sooner than later. Throughout history people have… Read more »

What is a Spent Conviction?

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A spent conviction basically limits the disclosure of previous criminal convictions, meaning that if you have committed a crime in the past, it will no longer show up on your criminal record and you don’t have to disclose it to anyone, either within Australia, or overseas. It will even allow you to claim on oath… Read more »

Contempt of Court in Downing Centre District Court

Downing Centre District Court

Contempt of court refers to a particular type of behaviour defined as anything which interferes with or impedes the administration of justice, or undermine the authority, dignity or performance of the court. If you have been following the trial of Hey Dad! actor Robert Hughes, being heard at the Downing Centre District Court, you may… Read more »

Nursing Home Assault Case Heard in Katoomba Local Court

Walker in nursing home

A 57-year-old former Blue Mountains nursing home worker has been charged with six counts of indecent assault in nursing homes. He was fired after the facility management received complaints from seven elderly women between 2011 and 2014. The Daily Telegraph reported that seven elderly women had complained about the man for offences that allegedly took… Read more »

Will Pleading Guilty Reduce My Sentence?

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Pleading guilty early can reduce your sentence, and the benefits of pleading guilty are much more likely to kick in the earlier that you plead. Police are often open to discussions on plea bargaining, which is where more serious charges can be dropped if you plead guilty early to lesser ones. However, one justice thinks… Read more »