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Malaysia Airlines Releases Information About Doomed Flight to Aussie Relatives


Federal Court hearings in Sydney have delivered surprising news for the relatives of victims of the MH 370 airplane disappearance. After refusing for more than 12 months to provide corporate records to assist the families of victims seeking compensation over the disappearance of flight MH 370, Malaysia Airlines has suddenly decided to cooperate. This is… Read more »

Terrorist Recruiter Found Guilty

Holding bars

Hamdi Alqudsi, the central figure in Australia’s most successful jihadi recruitment network, has been sentenced to a minimum of six years in prison. In July this year, the 42-year-old western Sydney resident was found guilty in the NSW Supreme Court of seven counts of supporting engagement in armed hostilities in Syria. Alqudsi was found to… Read more »

Frequent Fiddler Sues for Dashed Dreams


By Mathew Drogemuller and Ugur Nedim In an extraordinary NSW Supreme Court case, a Chinese Businessman is suing North Sydney based escort agency, Royal Court Escorts, for $3.7 million. Wealthy businessman Yu ‘Martin’ Xu has a penchant for sex with famous international A-listers. He allegedly paid millions to Royal Escorts to sleep with actress Megan… Read more »

History of the NSW Court System

Scale with justice books

Today, there are 132 Magistrates and over 100 courthouses across NSW. With a range of jurisdictions including Local Courts, District courts, Supreme courts and the Court of Criminal Appeal, the NSW court system is complex and far more sophisticated than it once was. The Early Magistrates It was 1788 when the first Magistrates in Australia… Read more »

Judicial Discretion in Sentencing

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Magistrates and judges have a significant amount of power when presiding over cases. That power ranges from determining what evidence can be used in court, right up to the appropriate penalty that a particular defendant should be given if they plead guilty or are found guilty. Judicial discretion is an important aspect of the sentencing… Read more »