Ugur Nedim

B.A., LL.B., G.D.L.P., LL.M. Accredited Specialist (Criminal Law), Barrister and Solicitor

(02) 9261 8881

Services: Criminal Law, Traffic Law, All NSW Courts

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Mr Nedim is the principal of Sydney Criminal Lawyers, which is a Sydney-based law firm that specialises in criminal and traffic cases.

He has been recognised by the Law Society of NSW as an Accredited Criminal Law Specialist  for a decade, and is respected throughout the legal profession as an exceptional criminal defence lawyer.

He has been involved in the criminal law profession for over 20 years, starting as a law clerk and moving-on to specialise in courtroom criminal defence work.

He conducted difficult & complex defended hearings for many years, achieving an outstanding success rate.

He started ‘Nedim Lawyers – Criminal Defence Specialists’ in 2001, which later became ‘Sydney Criminal Lawyers’.

Since that time, Mr Nedim has represented clients in some of Australia’s highest profile and most difficult criminal cases, including:

  • Australia’s largest ever drug importation trial, which involved the importation of over $600 million dollars worth of heroin; all 3 clients found ‘not guilty’
  • Over 15 murder trials, including those arising from the 2003 ‘gangland wars’ in Western Sydney; and
  • Over 100 District and Supreme Court criminal trials for serious criminal cases – including commercial drug cases, sexual assaults, large-scale fraud etc.

Mr Nedim is a dedicated, knowledgeable and persuasive criminal lawyer who is respected by magistrates, judges and prosecutors.

He fights hard to have cases ‘dropped’ and is consistently able to defend and win serious criminal cases that other criminal lawyers are unable to win.

Mr Nedim is also vastly experienced in less-serious local court matters, having conducted 3000+ local court cases over his career, with a particular emphasis on: 

  • drink driving and major traffic offences,
  • drug possession & supply, 
  • assaults and AVOs,
  • fraud & dishonesty offences, and
  • defended hearings, guilty pleas, bail applications and mental health cases.

Mr Nedim is a true specialist because he has always practised as a criminal defence lawyer – not a prosecutor, general lawyer or commercial lawyer, which have little relevance to high quality criminal defence work.

Being able to focus exclusively on defence has allowed him to develop specialised procedures, methods and techniques to win various types of criminal and driving cases – especially serious criminal cases. 

He is respected for going the extra mile for clients, and his high-quality work is consistently praised by magistrates, judges and clients alike.

With Mr Nedim, clients can rest assured of receiving the strongest possible defence whatever their particular criminal or traffic case.

Fixed fees

Free First Appointment

There is no fee for a first conference if you have a court date. Call (02) 9261 8881 to book a conference over the phone or at Mr Nedim's offices in the Sydney CBD.


Fixed Fees for Guilty Pleas

If you wish to plead the Local Court for cases such as drink driving, drug possession, assaults and major traffic offences. The fee is for all work up to and including your court date. The fee varies depending on the court location.

$1650 to $2200

Defended Local Court Hearing

This is when you wish to plead 'not guilty' and defend the case in the Local Court. Fixed fees can be offered for 'less serious' cases including common assaults, apprehended violence orders, drug charges, drink driving and other major traffic offences. The fee can vary depending on court location, the likely number of court dates and the seriousness / complexity of the specific case.

$3300 to $5500

Severity Appeals to the District Court

Appeals can be undertaken in the District Court if the Local Court penalty was too harsh. The cost depends on the court location and whether the Local Court imposed a prison sentence.

$1650 to $2750

Bail Application

Bail Applications are conducted to get a person out of custody. The cost depends on the court location and whether the bail application is made in the Local, District or Supreme Court.

$1650 to $2750

Ugur Nedim

B.A., LL.B., G.D.L.P., LL.M. Accredited Specialist (Criminal Law), Barrister and Solicitor

Ph: (02) 9261 8881

507/267 Castlereagh St SYDNEY NSW 2000

Office Hours

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Monday to Sunday

24 hour Service

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Accredited Criminal Law Specialist (NSW)

Member of Law Society of NSW Serious and Complex Criminal Law Panel and General Criminal Law Panel

Lecturer at Traffic Offender Intervention Program

Member of Law Society of NSW

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