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Tougher Smoke-Free Laws Come Into Effect


For years, smoking has become the subject of increasing government regulation – from where you can smoke, to where you can buy cigarettes and even what kind of packaging they can be supplied in. Staggered legislation is squeezing smokers out of an growing number of public places, and in July, the latest in a long… Read more »

Am I Guilty if Drugs are Planted on me?


Drug importation is one of the most serious crimes in Australia – potentially carrying a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. But how would you feel if you were accused of being a drug smuggler when you didn’t even know that drugs were in your luggage? And perhaps more importantly, are you guilty if you were… Read more »

Is Being Under the Influence Ever a Defence?

Drunk man

Some drugs, such as crystal methamphetamine hydrochloride  – more commonly known as ‘ice’ – can make users do things they would normally never do. Using ice can result in paranoia, hallucination, depression, memory loss and loss of ability to make decisions. It can have a more intense ‘high’ than other amphetamines like speed. Imagine waking… Read more »

Drug Searches end up in Taree Local Court

Cannabis and weed

Research from the Australian Institute of Criminology has found that arrests due to drug charges have increased in recent years, and cannabis remains the most common drug accounting for arrest. The number of those arrested on drug charges relating to cannabis has been growing by about three per cent per year. Most of those facing… Read more »

Sentencing Alternatives in NSW Courts: Circle Sentencing, Forum Sentencing and the MERIT Program

Mark Foy in Downing Centre Court

Underlying problems like drug and alcohol addiction, as well as particular problems faced by Aboriginal offenders, mean that various alternative programs are now supplementing more traditional methods of sentencing in NSW Courts. These sentencing alternatives focus on community involvement, rehabilitation or even, in the case of forum sentencing, discussions between victim and offender as part… Read more »

Witness Immunity in the Gosford District Court


Like father, like son is certainly not something that could be said about the Macris Family in relation to serious drug charges when they appeared in the Gosford District Court earlier this May. In 2011, the son, Alex Macris did something many people would find unimaginable – he used his own father as an unwitting… Read more »